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Postby Paul Anderson » Fri Oct 19, 2007 3:13 pm

A county village is set to vote on whether there should be a national referendum on the controversial European treaty.

Residents of Broughton Astley have used an obscure part of the law to force a vote on the issue in their parish.

The poll will now take place on November 1, at the village hall.

Campaigners are battling to get the Government to hold a referendum on the treaty, which they say will give British laws less power.

Ron Clements, spokesman for the Broughton Astley Referendum Campaign, said: "We will be reminding the people of our local community that it is up to them to take this chance to oppose the Prime Minister's intention to sign our country up to such a sweeping measure without the clear consent of the British people.

"Campaigners are very pleased with the overwhelming support they have received so far."

Campaigners will be delivering leaflets about the poll to every house in Broughton Astley.

Parishes across the country are invoking a provision of the 1972 Local Government Act in an attempt to put pressure on the Government.

The Act states that if 10 members of a parish call for a vote on any subject, then the district council is obliged to carry out the request

Earlier this month 24 Broughton Astley residents backed the call for a parish vote.

About 7,000 people will be eligible to vote on November 1.
Paul Anderson


Postby Sandie Seward » Sat Oct 20, 2007 4:24 pm

There are a few places getting together for these what I would call "mini-referendums". What can you do if our politicians refuse to listen? Brown said he would "listen to the people". Yeah, right! We're still talking, Gordon, but you sure ain't listening! :evil:
Sandie Seward
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