Peter of England @ New Horizons Saint Annes. Monday 6th July

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Peter of England @ New Horizons Saint Annes. Monday 6th July

Post by SamBamford » Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:50 am

6th of July 2015. Saint Annes, Lancashire, England.

Peter of England addresses New Horizons Saint Annes.

Peter of England explains how we can honestly pay Public Utility Bills without actually paying a penny to the companies! “Every little helps!”

Seriously, Peter describes the nature of the WeRe Bank: its origins, its intentions, what it hopes to achieve and, in particular, how it can benefit those who face – or feel they may, one day, face – financial struggles.
This is a highly respectable endeavour: Peter highlights the legitimacy of the bank and its honest alignment with The Bills of Exchange Act 1882.

Peter also casts a scary glance into the near future and the planned Cashless Society: its opportunities for control and restriction, touch on war/conflict and how these profit our corporate and financial elite. He also discusses gold, credit, quantitative easing, inflation, interest, economic stability and the evident devaluation of ordinary people’s finances.

This talk is designed for people who take an active interest in themselves, others, their country and the planet... and who are able to detach their retinas from the TV and themselves from the armchair.

Did you enjoy this presentation? Do you want to see lots more like it covering a multitude of topics and information vital to the Truth Seeker? Do you want to help New Horizons Saint Annes continue doing their vital work?

Then please visit and view the vast selection of DVDs produced just for people like you, at great low prices. You'll be getting some great videos months before they're seen on Youtube, and you'll be helping New Horizons to keep getting great speakers to spread their important information and views.

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Re: Peter of England @ New Horizons Saint Annes. Monday 6th July

Post by RichyInger » Wed Jul 08, 2015 7:23 am

Dave Murphy has already tried this one, don't you people ever give up?? this shit DOES NOT WORK!!!!! please for the love of god stop spreading it around like it's factual and the 'truth' - it's not , it's complete bullshit... looking for more innocent gullible members of the public to set up to fail with psuedolegal nonsense and then you can misdirect everyones anger and frustration towards the courts and the police, problem - reaction - solution -

problem - the EU need our legal system overhauled
solution - fill the courts with absolute legal bullshit, clog them up with foi requests and slow them right down
reaction - streamline the courts service, stop giving out so much info via foi, reduce funding for legal aid and introduce a new justice system in line with the rest of EU

all the while charging the unsuspecting public for your dvds - snake oil leeches - you people are a menance!!!!!!
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