Seed Guardian

Seed Guardian

Postby slimline66 » Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:28 pm

What is a Seed Guardian?

Seed Guardians agree to raise seed of a chosen variety or varieties. Some vegetables are more difficult to save seed from and it will be necessary to isolate them to ensure they remain pure and true to type. Guardians process and clean this seed and return it to the Heritage Seed Library for us to send out to other members through the catalogue.

Do I have to do anything else?

We also ask Seed Guardians to fill in a report form recording the performance of the crop in that season. If you are interested and circumstances permit, we also encourage Guardians to gather more information on the history of the vegetable and variety they are looking after. We also have Guardians who take photographs of the varieties they are growing.
How do I choose what variety to grow?

We send out our Orphans List in March from which you can choose up to three varieties to become a Guardian for. As a new Guardian you will also receive a copy of our Seed Saving Guidelines, outlining how to save seed from different vegetables.
Is it difficult to save seed?

Some vegetables are more difficult to save than others There are those that cross-pollinate and will need isolating (we provide Seed Saving Guidelines - online here for HSL/Garden Organic members). Some are fairly easy and you may wish to try these first before you take on the more difficult ones.
What happens if I have a complete failure?

Don't worry. We will not have sent you the last of our seed and there is usually more than one guardian for each variety.
What do I do if I want to become a Seed Guardian?

Contact us here at Garden Organic Ryton by letter, or email us at
Our address:
Heritage Seed Library
Garden Organic Ryton
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Re: Seed Guardian

Postby Wesley » Sat Feb 19, 2011 1:41 pm

cant afford this at the momment but great Idea, adopt a veg.

Got the Cherokee Trail of Tears (climbing French Bean) from there guardian list, its very productive and responds well to regular cropping instead of a glut appearing after when the flowers have been pollinated.

anyone with "Up to Date" onion and wanna swap for something let me know.
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