Any FreeFolk in London (England) who want to group up ?

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Any FreeFolk in London (England) who want to group up ?

Postby snakedyke » Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:30 pm

I've found it really difficult to get in touch with real people who are into being freefolk.
I'm near the start of the loop and in the information gathering stage before making the final jump, and would find it helpful to discuss these ideas with others. Surely I am not alone in this ?
After all, it means a whole change in lifestyle which includes different economic interactions.
These different economic interactions would presumably be more likely to be with freefolk....

Us freefolk have different values and would be more inclined to barter.
As an illustration of different value (but not a very good one because it doesn't refer to barter) a gift to me of half a dozen or so ripe sunflower heads is massive because it could feed my hens for a week or so. And as for free pallets....

As an aside, the Freeserve community might suit some, unfortunately I was subjected to an abusive experience by an organiser after a technical hitch so I won't pursue this one again myself.

If anyone is interested setting-up/joining a loose-knit freefolk group in London (or invite me into one !) then please reply to this topic.
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