Comparisons with Hillsborough

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Comparisons with Hillsborough

Postby Anglo-Saxon » Sat Sep 15, 2012 11:57 pm

Comparisons with Hillsborough ...Injustice in LEASEHOLD.

Crooks, fraud, dishonesty, massive corruption, under the noses of Professional bodies can all be found in LEASEHOLD tenure in this Country of ours.

Those most certainly in the Dock include,

RICS Royal Institute of Chartered surveyors
ARMA Managing Agents
FSA the financial services regulator
ACCA accountants
The Law society.

The Courts, The Police, including the LVT Leasehold Valuation Tribunal are a joke.


Leaseholder CARL Autumn


SIMON VAN HOUTEN was Managing Agent at Clippers Quay Isle of Dogs London E14 back in 2009.

The recent jailing of Managing Agent Simon Van Houten, who was employed by former Chairman of ARMA Rendall & Rittner, has come as a complete surprise. Obviously not because we had thought that managing agents were scrupulously honest, but because we all assumed they could steal leaseholders’ money with impunity and get away with it. The story is newsworthy, not because of the rarity of the crime, but because of the rarity with which such a crime is prosecuted by the police.

Van Houten received a thirty month jail sentence for stealing £122,000 in Service Charges. He set up a bogus company to bill the leaseholders for work that was never done, but was instead used to fund his extravagant lifestyle. He also lied about his qualifications. In view of the amounts he had stolen, let’s hope he is charged for board and lodging whilst in prison.

Despite this fraud, Rendall and Rittner still enjoy authorised status at the Financial Services Authority, together with membership of RICS and ARMA – according to their website. We need a full investigation into how these so-called professional bodies cover up serious misconduct – including fraud – by their members. All too often trade bodies simply act as facilitators of collusive and corrupt behaviour.

And who won this year’s inaugural Property Manager of the Year prize organised by the trade magazine Property Week? Why Rendall & Rittner of course. Among the judges was Trevor Moross, a director of LEASE. Red faces all round.

To fully understand where you sit in this Feudal system Country you need to read and digest the following posts.

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