Churchill Car Insurance accident report form?

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Churchill Car Insurance accident report form?

Postby Mass666 » Mon Aug 10, 2009 6:35 pm

On the 8/5/09 i was travelling to work in my 630am i parked up at the local shop to get milk etc...returned to my vehicle and started the engine preparing to move off...after looking in my mirror i saw another car coming up behind me,so naturally i waited without moving for the car to pass me.
The car then swerved, as to park in front of me in front of the shop, without indicating and scrapped the full side of her car down my front drivers side bumper,
resulting in her car being a real mess...i had not moved and she did not indicate and was a bad move on her part.
When she got out of the car she was an emotional wreck...saying" ohhh im so sorry and i dont function well at this time of morning and that her life was a mess"etc etc
I didnt wish to know the ins n out of her troubles and exchanged details and carried on to my works for saturday shift.

When returning home i contacted my insurer Churchill..and explained i was not making a claim for damage (as my cars a 200quid heap to get to work n back).
And went on to explain the accident and gave them the other parties details my car sustained very little damage it wasnt woth claiming for repair.

As time has passed ive now had 2 letters from a certain Gemma Blake ( Claims Handler) of Churchill....both with very very different signatures signed on them,
requesting me to fill in an accident report form for the incident,as the other party is disputing liability.
And unless i they receive the above within 14days, they would be unable to defend my claim......and will hav no option but to deal with the other parties claim on the best terms...p.s..This may effect your policy renewal,they nicely added at the end of the letter

Does anyone have any advice on what action to take here?....i am livid that my premiums could rise as a result of this idiot wrecking her own car and trying to blame me for the accident.

Any advice would be good before i attempt to speak to one of Churchills ( AGENTS)...dont ya love the phrases these criminals use lol


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Re: Churchill Car Insurance accident report form?

Postby Jargon buster » Mon Aug 10, 2009 9:33 pm

Fill in the paperwork and send it back but make sure you put in writing that you do not accept any liability for the accident.

The insurance companies are just making money between each other thats how it works unfortunatly.
They will probably rack up around 20 grands worth of fees between them and it will come from the policy of the guilty party.

It seems shitty that they stand to make all that money but thats how they work.
Insurance companies want you to claim contrary to what people think.

I have a friend who slid off the road on his motor bike to avoid some oil and someone 100 yrds behind dropped his bike.
My friends insurance company agreed to pay the other party against his wishes and now his premiums have gone up.
He didnt put anything in writing he just did it over the phone.
Dont make the same mistake.

Regards Jargon Buster
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Re: Churchill Car Insurance accident report form?

Postby Mass666 » Tue Aug 11, 2009 12:57 pm

cheerz for that jargon buster...thank you.
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