RIP Tam - Leader of Anonymous

RIP Tam - Leader of Anonymous

Postby TNK » Sat Mar 30, 2013 3:10 pm

This video is being posted today. Easter is for forgiveness and as we know the message of Anonymous is against 'Forgiveness'.

'We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.'

As such, their message to the world was also against the teachings of Jesus and yours truly. Was Tam and his followers given the divine authority to judge humanity? Only the saints are given that authority because their being is justified by the Creator.

Just as Easter was beginning, the Son of God, Jesus said 'They are sitting in a swing', 'This is going to make them cry'. First there was the passing of the Harry Potter actor, now Tam. Hence, why I posted this video about Tam in this forum. It goes without saying that those that follow 'conspiracies' and take them apart, will be heavily involved in getting to the truth of what has happened to this man. Wasn't Tam featured in the Julian Assange video, and it was after that they had his location, and he was arrested at the airport? Or was it someone else?



Psalm 58

In the symbology of their videos they have two swords just like Islamic flags do as well.

Now they will learn that two is not enough to do what they are trying to do. In the bible it is written that the followers of Jesus had two swords. However, we all know what happened to Apostles they became martyrs for their cause. The LORD did not ask for sacrifice, he asked for Mercy. To sit in the mercy seat is mighty indeed. We asked everyone to say 'I will live for you and not die for you'.
Dignity heals with grace and mercy that righteousness bestows. 'Healing is the path of salvation and love is the way'. From Sacred Words
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