I really like the Foodspring brand. Although it is generally a bit more expensive than the competition, at least they offer quality products and play the card of transparency. The ingredients are always premium and they do not use or additives, have fun testing with the application their products: they are always rated excellent.

I take my Whey (protein) home, and my wife uses their shape shake. Given the number of reviews on the site, Shape Shake seems to be their flagship product and I think the best sale.

Here is a summary of what I think as a sports coach, and its use as part of your weight loss.

A few words about Foodspring

When it comes to protein shakes, brands compete inventiveness and marketing creativity to appeal to their customers. Between those who rely on taste, quality and those who focus on low prices, not always easy to navigate.

Foodspring has a clear positioning: A little more expensive products justified by a superior quality and a wide choice of tastes.

Thus, where its competitors manufacture powders from cheese waste, Foodspring offers proteins based on cow’s milk raised in the open air. The brand is also surrounded by engineers, food chemists and the best nutritionists to manufacture its products.

Their range of products is ultimately quite small, mainly to meet the objectives of weight loss and muscle mass gain (in the form of protein supplements, snacks, energy bars, etc.).

Shape shake : Presentation

Shape Shake is a protein food supplement whose primary purpose is to make you lose weight. Attention, it is not the product itself that will make you lose weight … it is not one! It will complete a meal to engender a better satiety, or replace a sweet snack when you have a craving but with a very low calorie intake.

In addition, thanks to its high protein content, Shape Shake contributes to training and muscle development during dieting. This is a very important aspect to consider when dieting: if you have a caloric deficit, you will lose fat but also muscle and therefore you lose your shape. To lose fat without losing your buttocks and muscles in general, you have to play sports and keep a protein intake.

Shape shake allows you to consume protein and fiber, without the carbohydrates and fats that you may have in your diet and that make you take calories.

The brand is sourced from New Zealand breeders, who leave their cows grazing outdoors for 328 days, compared with only 120 days in Europe. Quality is at the rendezvous and this is reflected in the taste and texture of Shape Shake.

Foodspring has done everything to make the Shape Shake appetizing and attractive, including good variations in taste: you have the choice between 11 flavors, some original (hazelnut, banana, mango …) The opportunity to go out of classic chocolate / vanilla.

Vanilla I did not really like it, but I recommend you try the coconut crisp taste: delicious!


Foodspring obtains the protein from their Shape Shakes from high quality whey produced under strictly controlled conditions in Germany. Thus, Shape Shake contains no impurity or chemical substance.

  • 62% whey protein;
    Shape Shake is an instant concentrate of whey protein.
  • 25% calcium caseinate;
    You will also find calcium casein. This molecule facilitates the assimilation of proteins by the body.
  • 10% inulin extracted from chicory roots;
  • Aromas;
  • Beet food coloring;
  • Thickener;
  • Steviol.

More than just protein, Shape Shake is enriched with vitamins like vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin E, biotin and more. And it contains minerals like magnesium, calcium or zinc.

It also contains 18 different amino acids and L-carnitines.

In terms of nutrients, the dose of Shape Shake provides the body up to 103 kcal, for 21 g of protein, 1.3 g of fat and 1.8 g of carbohydrate.

My opinion on Foodspring Shape Shake

At this point you can imagine, but I really like this product. I do not use it myself because I do not have the goal of losing weight (I take other protein supplements for muscle development) but I buy for my wife.

She takes the days when she trains at the gym, or to supplement / substitute a meal when she does not have time to eat properly. She does not necessarily need to lose weight either, but she prefers it to whey to maintain high protein intake.

At the risk of repeating myself, it is extremely important when you make a diet to consume this type of product if you want to keep your forms. A woman who loses weight but has lost all buttocks at the same time is not great! Shape shake is therefore an ideal product to keep your muscles and your shape during a diet ????

The benefits of Shape Shake

⇨ Shape Shake is easy to prepare and ready to eat in minutes. Whether you’re at work, at home or on the go, you prepare your shaker and just add water.

⇨ You have a wide choice of flavors, which you can further enrich by mixing Shape Shake with your favorite fruit for a different recipe.

⇨ It provides quality proteins to the body while presenting a negative energy balance. The low number of calories provided by this product facilitates the absorption and use of body fat by the body.

⇨ The high concentration of protein provides a feeling of greater satiety, and thus reduce the temptations of nibbling.

⇨ The proteins contained in this shake also strengthen the muscles, the latter receiving more essential amino acids.

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